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Sushi Tengoku Review

Location: 121 Anzac Parade, Kensington, NSW, 2033, Australia. 

This was a fresh sea scallop that was served in Sushi Tengoku. One of the nicest and freshest scallop I've had so far here in Sydney! There are a number of scallops in it and the lemon slices just add an added sourish sweetness to it. One of my favourite from this store! 

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A special sushi spin off from this restaurant Tengoku. Its some sort of a mentai style, where they slightly torch the top part with a blowtorch. This was their special menu. 

Taste wise was pretty good, creamy, a little bit cheesy at the top and you can taste the crab meat. I can't quite remember how much this one cost though. 

The unagi was just simply amazing. Its firm, a little bit chewy, nicely coated with the sauce and not too sweet at all. Just a little dip with the soya sauce and you are set to go. The price for this was $4 and its for a piece. So that put it on a pricier side I suppose. 

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Just a standard salmon sashimi. It was fresh and nice. The meat was firm, clean and doesn't have a gooey feeling to it. That's how you know whether the sashimi is fresh or not! 

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

One of the jumbo roll that you can order over here. Inside is a tamago, unagi, cucumber and roe I believe. This was so huge and I have a trouble eating it in one go and if you don't eat it in one go, it will crumble apart. Nothing wow-ing or impressive just a normal sushi. 

Overall this is my neighbourhood to go kind of sushi place when I have a craving for it. Its pretty damn good but its kinda on the pricey side. But hey its a good sushi and its rare to have a good sushi place!