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Sushi Rio Review.

Location: 339 Sussex St Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

This place is pretty famous for its affordable sushi! Most of their sushi are AUD $3 per plate! So its pretty amazing! This is one of my favourite sushi place in Sydney. Affordable, nice and wide selection of sushis. What more can you ask ?! 

Let me just give the verdict here first. If you are having sushi craving or just want a good Japanese dinner then yes go to this place and give it a try! I'm sure you wouldn't regret it! Sushi was consistently nice throughout and let the picture talk to you below!

The store sign above and below is how it looks like! They are located in a corner and it shouldn't be too hard to locate them!  Look at those people waiting for their turn!

To the right is just an overview of their menu! 

That's how their interior looks like and you can watch how they are making the sushi as well! 

To the right: Avocado, salmon and fish roe. 

Bottom: Tamago nigiri. Light and sweet in the mouth! 

Your standard salmon sushi. The salmon was firm, fresh and delicious! Look at those nice little stripe of healthy fat! 

At the top part: Grilled salmon. 

This is the surprise of the night! I didn't know what this was at first and upon closer inspection its sweet potato with tartar sauce at the top! Surprisingly it goes really well, you get that saltiness, sweetness and savoury combines together! 

Octopus salad with a little bit of wasabi in it. A little too much of mayonnaise I reckon. 

Below is sort of a fusion I believe. Its a salmon + scallop with a touch of mayonnaise at the top and grilled via blow torch. I love the slight burnt taste. 

Below is grilled scallop nigiri. 

Raw scallop, avocado and tuna with mayonnaise! 

I thought this was one of the more 'meh' sushi out of all of them. It was pork belly and it was normal. 

Avocado slices at the top, tuna salad at the bottom and top it off with fish roe. Love this classic combination.