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Ippei Soba - A different soba style.

I stayed in a very local place in Tokyo out of the city. A place called Higashi Koganei. Near the place that I'm staying at there was this awesome noodle place that I chance upon. They serve one of the best noodle that I've ever tried and it only cost AUD 6 bucks! Insane right!

The one thing I love about Japan is that a restaurant usually only serve one type of food and they master it and it turns they become really good at it! 

The texture of the noodle was chewy and it was just full of flavour. 

Below is the store. Nothing fancy - just your normal small neighbourhood restaurant. 

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Small, cosy and friendly. You will instantly know that its a family run business. 

This is their awesome dry style soba with a nicely grilled pork. Full of flavours! The first bite and I instantly felt in love with it.