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Gyutan @ Aji Tasuke.

Gyutan is essentially beef tongue. Its a very nice dish with full of flavours! This place that I went to in Sendai was where it all started. He's the very first guy that started cooking beef tongue! It took me quite sometime to find this place, hidden in a small alley away from the main street without any english word on the banner. Yeap that's the store below, I have to ask a couple of people around to help me find this place! A traditional Japanese restaurant. 

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If you watch anime and if there was ever a restaurant scene, well this is it in real life. I was greeted and ushered to sit in front of the chef. 

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Once I was seated, they gave me a hot towel and ask what would I like (I assume since I don't understand Japanese in the slightest bit). I just said osusume which means recommendation / recommend me something and I pointed to the beef tongue as well! They grilled it fresh in front of you when you order and let me tell you the smell was just incredible! 

Below is the set menu and if you are wondering, the top right side, that white piece of paper with Japanese word, that's the menu and they only sell beef tongue with a little bit of variation of the side dishes. Like most of the restaurant here, they only specialise in one type of food which means they are really good at making that particular food! 

Below is the beef tongue on the left and barley rice on the right, with a cup of hot green tea. 

It also comes with an oxtail soup and it goes really well with the beef tongue and rice. It was refreshing and light. Full of flavour and super delicious! 

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Below is the close up of the beef tongue. Man, it was incredibly tasty. I'm salivating as I type this and I definitely miss it. The juiciness and chewiness of the tongue, it also absorb all the flavours of the marinade. The pickles goes extremely well with that tongue. Man I definitely miss this. I've yet to find another restaurant here in Sydney that serve and cook it like this. 

If you ever drop by to Sendai, I strongly suggest giving it a try. Also just to note, some restaurant actually slice it thinly but personally I prefer the one that is thick like below. 

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