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Arashiyama - Near to Kyoto.

The famous bamboo forest at Arashiyama, there are thousands of picture online in the exact spot. I was there in the early evening and was lucky enough that there weren't tons of people around so I could take this clean shot. 

There are lots of bamboo trees around, the sheer quantity of it is pretty insane. It was also cooling and creepy at the same time. Especially as it get darker and lesser people. I would probably not go there in the late night as there wasn't any lighting except during certain matsuri where they lighted the path with small lantern. 

I took this as the sun set on the horizon. I wanted to capture when it was a little bit higher but I was way too late! Such a pity! 

There are way more than just bamboo forest in Arashiyama (It is actually a small town in the outskirt of Kyoto). One that caught my eyes was this river. It looked so serene and it let me escape from reality for a bit I suppose. Just look at how beautiful it is! Imagine yourself 

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This was my buddy for the day, a bicycle with motor (I rented it for the entire day). This made my exploration for the day a breeze. The motor helps so much! 

I cycle around the entire area since I do not have a tight schedule and not following a tour. It was fantastic. I got to see all those local places that I will not be able to see if I were to follow a tour group. 

Nice pond and when I was taking this shot, there 30 to 40 other photographers with all their huge ass telephoto lens hunting for a bird photo!! 

This was a wooden bridge that connect the area together. A very popular spot to hang around during the cherry blossom.