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Yasaka Shrine @ Kyoto

In my opinion Kyoto is one of those city in the world where everything is just so photogenic! No matter where you are, everything looks great! It still retains the past and like everywhere in Japan the culture is there, or well even stronger. 

This is a shrine close to where the geisha district is. It have different entrances that you can enter from. I have different photos of it below. During the summer month when they have the summer festival (matsuri), they will decorate the shrine with lantern and there will be food stalls around as well. I was lucky enough to see it and I will write it down on another blog post!

This was one of the side gate. 

As you walk further in, you will be greeted with a bigger gate (I'm not quite sure what's the proper word for it). There are hundreds of lantern hanging around the gate and all fully lighted up!

This was located at the centre of the yard. The main shrine place I suppose. I saw quite a number of local buying some talismans / charms from the temple. If you take closer look at the picture you will see there 2 guys manning the booth. 

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This is the main gate of the temple. I was lucky to get this empty clean shot of the gate because when I came back to this place 2 days after, it was fully packed with people enjoying the matsuri and not forgetting tons of food stall selling snacks. If you are really curious, go watch an anime that depict summer festival and it exactly looks like that! It was amazing! 

This temple was just so incredibly beautiful. I honestly can't believe how photographic this place is. The decoration, atmosphere and people. It was one of those moment where I felt that I was transported back in time.  

This was one of the pathway leading to the exit. The lighting was just so stunning. Yes in Kyoto there were lots of people wearing yukata around. I will write about Kyoto in another post! I will go and hunt down my photos of Kyoto first!