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Fushimi Inary Temple @ Kyoto.

One of the place that I've always see from photos or videos. Finally there was a chance for me to visit this and see it with my own eyes. Definitely not disappointed at all. 

The photo below was the very first entrance towards the temple. Along the side you will vendors selling snacks, charms and any other souvenirs for the visitors. I was lucky that the rain stopped shortly after I reached the place else I wouldn't be able to see the temple at all! 

This was the main temple, when I was there, everyone was busy decorating the temple area because they were preparing for the summer festival / matsuri. At first I thought was, what that's it? Where is those hundreds and hundreds of torii? 

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The fact was the torii were located behind the temple and you have to climb up to see everything. The torii were lined up from the start to the end of the hike. Below was the start of the journey. You can either take the left or the right path and it will lead you to the same destination. 

If you looked back, there is carving into the torii. Each of those carving represent the donor for the said torii and the bigger the torii is the bigger the amount of donation is. There hundreds and hundreds of this torii around and it accompany your hike up. 

I started my climb in the early evening around 4 to 5 and decided to stay till night time. This was the view from the highest point over there. It is okay I suppose, nothing fancy and majestic. The way down was creepy, it was eerily quiet and there wasn't much people at all, it made a good setting for horror movie! Piece of advice, if you want to do this, well do it with a friend, I was alone and it certainly spooked me. 

You will get to see something mini temple along the way. I saw this while I was making my way down. It was pretty spooky when I was there. 

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I'm not sure whether the temple was lighted every night or is it just because its approaching the summer festival. But it looks lovely isn't it?