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Ginkaku-ji Temple at Kyoto.

The Silver Pavilion is a great place to admire those zen garden. In a side note, there are really tons of temples in Kyoto. The amount is just incredible! Below was the entrance to the temple. Pretty cool isn't it? Neatly trimmed and soft sands. Its peaceful! 

The one thing that you will notice if you are visiting different temples in Kyoto is that, they will give you different type of charms (I suppose) depending on the temple that you go. Below is one example of it, this was given to me when I bought the ticket. 

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As I walked in, the very first thing that greeted me was this sand mountain. It's quite amazing how they turn sand / stone into something that you could stare and enjoy. The only downside was that, since it was summer, they were tons of insects flying around and digging into the sand. They made it into their home! So that's the annoying bit. 

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The next thing that I saw was the zen garden itself and yes tons of flying insects on top of it doing their thing and making their nest comfy I suppose. That aside, the zen garden looked pretty serene and I just sat there admiring it and letting my mind drift away. There's just something about this that made me feel good and at peace inside. 

This was the "Silver Pavilion", surrounded with water and greenery. I guess it looked great until you start imagining what if you stay there and all the mosquitoes and insects flying around. Hahahah.  

You just need to follow the route and it will lead you around the entire place. The green stuff that looked like grass is actually moss! 

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I enjoy my short time roaming around the temple. Every temple in Kyoto is unique and each have their own attractiveness to it!