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Kiyomizu-dera Temple at Kyoto.

There are tons of great temples around in Kyoto and they come in many sizes. This is one of the big one and pretty famous I would say. Below is the entrance gate. Pretty big huh?

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The main attraction I would say is the main temple ground where the temple is protruding out and being supported with many wooden pillars. It was massive and if you zoom into the picture, you will be able to see the human figures walking around there. This is the standard shot that everyone will make once they are here! Unfortunately I can't witness the entire temple being lighted up! They are lighted up during the fall season in November. So if you are in Kyoto in late November, then do drop by over there! 

From the bottom looking up. The workmanship on those wood was just spectacular, we just don't build it like this anymore. Its a form of art on its own in my opinion. 

It was just not about the temple only, as you go wander around and walk around the area, you will encounter this particular pagoda as well. 

They even have this sort of stone figurines / small pagoda. I'm not quite sure what it represent though. 

Another attraction over here is this particular spot. The believe is that those 3 stream represent 3 different things in life such as health, money and love. You are only allowed to choose 2 out 3 of them and then drink from it so that whatever you chose will come true. They even provide the mug with a long stick over there so that you can get the water and drink it. It is pretty clean too, they have this sanitisation box where you put it back so that it can be sterilised for the next person. Pretty neat ain't it?