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Tenryu-ji at Arashiyama.

This is located in Arashiyama and as the picture below shown, it is part of the UN world heritage. Personally I found this temple to be one of the so so in terms of how it look or maybe I already saw way too many temples! 

There are a few entrances to the temple, one is shown below where it is solely use by the pedestrian. The other entrance was used for both people and car. One thing that always impress me was the woodman ship shown, Japanese are really good with their woodwork.  

The ticket and information booklet that was given to me when I bought the ticket. 

If I remember correctly, this was a museum (I could totally be wrong though!) 

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The one thing that was outstanding was the size of the temple ground and the garden itself. Its HUGE! 

There was also green garden for you to take a stroll, too bad it wasn't that enjoyable for me cause it was so damn hot! 

You can either walk on the garden or you can walk inside the building itself with just a little bit of additional entrance fee on top of what you had paid earlier. 

This place wasn't that mind blowing for me and it is one of those place that I wouldn't mind missing out on especially if I've seen the other temples around.