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Zuihoden Mausoleum at Sendai, Tohoku.

This was the tomb for one of the most powerful feudal lord back in the olden days. It's really quite impressive how the Japanese able to preserve its culture and turn something like a graveyard into a tourist destination. This was located at the Tohoku region where the gigantic earthquake happened. 

Sendai, which got demolished when the earthquake happened has been rebuilt and when I was there, I didn't see any sign of rubble left. Well back to this mausoleum then. Below was the entry to the area, you have to walk uphill for maybe 10mins or so to reach the entrance. 

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

What I notice was that, there were a lot of local tourist that visited this historic places. I rarely met with another foreigner! In my opinion, if you are visiting Japan or anywhere else really, don't just stick to the usual tourist spot! Go and explore the local places and experience it all! It will definitely be far more worth it! 

This was a source water whereby you can wash your hand and face if you wish to. I'm not quite entirely sure as to what is the real purpose. Someone enlighten me maybe? 

I guess the gate was used to barricade last time, but now serve as a memento. Here is a fun fact, most of this building was burnt down cause of World War 2 (bombing / fire), however the locals decided to rebuild all this to the exact original state because they want to preserve the culture and history! Amazing isn't it? 

This was the tomb for Date Masamune, if you ever play war game / anime or read about Japan history. I'm sure you will have heard about Date Masamune! 

This mausoleum didn't just consist of his tomb. His successor and son tomb were also present and they were rebuilt as well for the exact same reason. In the area there is also museum that have all the different Edo period items that they excavated! 

This was definitely one cool place if you are interested in culture / history of Japan. Not the typical Japan that you associated with Tokyo / Osaka / Kyoto! 

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug