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Dotonbori - Osaka.

Osaka is the food capital of Japan (well the savoury kind from what I observe in my short time over there!) while Kyoto is the food capital for dessert! Don't be fooled though, most eatery places in Japan were fantastic! I rarely get disappointed with what I bought when travelling around Japan! So you know which city to pick now! :P 

This probably is the most famous photo of Osaka. Thousands of people take the same pictures and yes me included as well! Dotonbori is famous for the huge ass billboards with tons of colours and lights! This is a place where they are activities for 24 hours! From the tourist, locals and prostitutes lingering around the area depending on the time of the day. It comes ALIVE in the early evening onwards!

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There is a canal that run through the area and there are boats that you can take with a live band. It's very lively and cool! If you notice the band group wearing a Hawaiian theme outfit as well. Hahaha. It doesn't feel like Japan at all isn't it?

This is the canal that run through Dotonbori! Looks very lovely with people strolling. 

The other eye catchy thing in Dotonbori is their signboard. Most of the signboards were gigantic! It was really refreshing to see a signboard with such style! Especially now where everyone start to migrate using just LCD screen or just a simple signboard. 

A giant crab! 

Pufferfish! One place in Japan where you could go and eat pufferfish! Where the chef have to have certificate because they have to prepare with care and precision in order not to kill you since the fish itself is highly poisonous! 

The nightlife was insane! People everywhere and almost all the store on this street were food store! 

One of the most famous food from Japan is Takoyaki and Osaka happened to be the original place where takoyaki was born! I've eaten at many different takoyaki seller in Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and etc BUT the one in Osaka is just in a different level! It was amazingly delicious. The tako ball was perfect, moist and have amazing flavour and huge piece of a chewy octopus inside it! 

If you love food, then definitely visit Osaka. You will not be disappointed with the selection of food at all! 

ps - not that you will be disappointed anywhere else really but yeah.