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Old Post Town in Kiso Valley

One of the preserve old town in Japan. Its a very small town that meant for tourist (be it the local tourist or international tourist). It is quite a distance from Tokyo but totally worth the trip if you can spare the time! It was very different compare to the usual Japan metropolitan cities!

This was used to be a post town, in the past when travellers were travelling between places, this was one of the town for their pit stop along the way. There were inn and stores for rest and resupply for those travellers. 

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From the photos below you might think that the town was desolate but it wasn't! There are a few people around selling their goods and the town itself was peaceful. It was a good change of pace when compare to the time when I was exploring the standard big cities. 

The local selling goods for visitors and the local community. 

This was the main street in the town. You can take a stroll by following it and by doing that you will also be able to explore the entire post town. There are also another attraction in this town which is the old inn which is called The Honjin and Waki-Honjin. I will be writing about it in another post! 

These are the 2 bridges that connect this old town with the outside world. One for the people and one for the vehicles. Pretty cool isn't it? 

I really did enjoy my time exploring this place. It was amazing and different. Very different compare to what we usually do when we travel nowadays.