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I was visiting Nara and I was warned before hand by a couple of my friends regarding the amount of deers that roam in the area. But but it totally blow my expectation! They are everywhere and they keep following you! You can even pet them!

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I bought this cracker from one of the street vendor. This was especially prepared for those deers. A word of warning, once you start giving this out, the deers around will you start following you and "zooming" on you to get those crackers!

One extremely cool thing about these deer was that, once you gave them crackers, they will bow their head as if they are saying thank you or PLEASEEE GIVE ME MORE. Depending on how you interpret it! Hahahah.

Just look at those! Amazing isn't it, for them to just relax around you. 

And yes clearly that one did not want to get photograph. 

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug