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Kamameshi @ Nara.

I was walking around in Nara and came across this insanely long queue in front of a small store. It was a hot day and oh hell they were still queuing as if some gold bar were given out freely. 

You can see from the picture below, they were patiently waiting and the queue goes for another one block away. 

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This was apparently a kamameshi store and should be a famous one (from the queue). So I thought hey I want to give that a try but I do not want to queue up and I took a gamble to come back earlier in the evening for the dinner instead of lunch and hoping they will still be open. (Thankfully it paid off and so there is this post about it now!) :D

What is a kamameshi you asked? I will answer that below! Before that, lets take a look at the restaurant. Its a mix between a standard restaurant on the right and traditional on the left (I was sitting in some sort of tatami), very cosy overall. 

This is the kamameshi. Its a traditional meal where they cook everything on the pot that you see on the right. So it comes piping hot with the lid covering it. 

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Once you open it, you will see all those amazing goodness and they were very fresh and naturally sweet! You will also get to scrap off the harden rice that is sticking on the pot! I reckon that is the good stuff! 

It also comes with pickles and soup. Everything that I tasted was incredibly delicious and light. There wasn't any over powering taste / ingredient added to it. Just let the natural flavour flow they say. 

Hopefully that is enough to make your mouth drool with envy! If you ever drop by to Nara, then definitely give this one a try. You wouldn't want to miss it! Oishi!