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Kenroku-en in Kanazawa.

I went to one of the most beautiful garden in Japan. It was indeed really beautiful even though it was scorching hot and I was melting when walking around the garden. This is garden is located in Kanazawa and near from the city centre. I suppose it made a great escape place from the busy street outside. 

There was a small stream running throughout the garden and the water was really clear! 

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There was a huge pond in the middle of the garden. It looks gorgeous! Its so unfortunate that I wasn't there during cherry blossom. I'm 1000% sure that it will be even better! This place was so photogenic and when I was walking around I saw a newly wed couple doing their photoshoot.  

I visited this tea house inside the garden. This was probably the best place to visit if you are walking around during the summer month like me. It was full air-conditioned (thank goodness!) and somehow I think it was sound proofed as well (it was calmingly quiet and tranquil). I sat on the tatami and zone out while watching the gardeners doing their work. Such a simple pleasure in life eh?

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

There was statue as well. I'm not quite sure who it represent though!

Outside the garden, there was bunch of stores selling snack and food for visitors. During the summer month, it was full with people and most importantly cherry blossom! Just google it if you can't imagine it!